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The Garden of E- [no Tour]

E-culture Fair. Presentation Hasselt Belgium 16-17 Novembre 2011. [(no) Tour project Geolated poetry, the Milena principle/WIT,] Ethias Arena Hasselt Belgium.



Archetypes - [social documentary photography].

Braga, Portugal October 2011.

Participation in Festival 'Encontros da Imagem' 2011 with 'Archetypes' - a the Milena principle project Museu Nogueira da Silva, Museu Biscainhos, Monastery of Tibães. the Milena Academy in collaboration with Gare and - encontros da Imagem 2011.
"With only a fine line separating them, documentary photography can be differentiated from photojournalism by its deeper investigative nature, its narrative content, and a greater coherence of its visual speech. So, in times where millions of images are produced on a daily basis, we strongly believe it to be of pertinent to focus on this, in order to lead the public to a better reflection on everyday life around us. We do not intend to present the big themes of papers headlines, such as war, famine, ecologic disasters, but rather a social portrait close to each citizen" ⋈ A connection by the Milena principle with "Archetypes" and "the Politics of the heart".



Canto Indientro - the Accademia Dantesca Jahnishausen.

Castle Jahnishausen ⋈ Dresden Germany June 2 - 6, 2011.

Project with Christian Hardt and Guido Stemme, der Wachsblock. June 2011. The Milena principle was invited by for an artistic project in which renaissance and contemporary culture are connected. The original Accademia was founded by King Johann of Saxony, who has translated Dante's Divine Comedy in Castle Jahnishausen. The King founded a group of artists, writers and experts, called the Accademia Dantesca, to discuss the work of Dante and to collaborate on an interdisciplinary way on this project. Famous member were for example Carl Gustav Carus and Ludwig Tieck. The contemporary Accademica wants to restore this culture of dialogue with interdisciplinary meetings in the castle Jahnishausen. Goal is to iniate event linking the arts, culture and environment, as well working on the conservation and restoration of Castle Jahnishausen. The castle will be a meeting place between artists, cultural experts and ecological and environmental workers and act as an interdisciplinary center with projects open to participation for a large public.



Approaching Silence

Athens, Greece. May 22 - 29, 2011.

Exhibition in Goethe Institute Athens, Cultural Center About . In cooperation with the Athens Academy of Fine Arts and University Athens, Rhea Thöngens-Stringaris. Exhibition: Video material, soundscapes, installations and drawings in situ, performances, lectures.



Aberto Brasilia

Brazil June 20 - August 21, 2011.

the Milena principle [ Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen ], are invited by Wagner Barja, director of the National Museum of Brasilia and one of leading art curators in Brasil, to participate to 'Aberto Brasilia', a large exhibition about art in the public space of the city to be inaugurated in june. The event includes major Brasilian artists and as well six artistic projects from Europe and the USA. Works of arts and interventions will be shown in the public space of Brasilia and in several museums and other indoor spaces of the city, including the National Museum, the Funarte Complex for Contemporary Art of the Ministry of Culture and in the television tower. A large exhibition at the CCBB and gardens is presenting an overview of the works of the Milena principle and the other participating artists which include Waltercio Caldas Cildo Meireles, Guto Lacaz, Nelson Felix, Paulo Bruscky, Ronald Duarte, Antonio Manuel, Luis Alphonsus Guimaraens, , the collective Corpus informáticos, Karina Dias, Rodrigo Paglieri, Cirilo Quartin,... The event will be completed with conferences and conversations with the artists about contemporary art in urban and in public space.



Out of Space

Installation 'Geist' by Stefaan van Biesen. Project qualified for grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2011 Lodz Poland. Marta Szymanska [Lodz Artcenter]. Lodz Poland 2011.



no Tour

Ghent Belgium S.M.A.K. ⋈ the Milena principle / WIT on Heritage Day May 1, 2011.

On Heritage Day 2011 the Milena principle, and S.M.A.K. the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ghent inaugurate an artistic and interactive sound walk for smart phones in the Citadel Park Ghent. In the park and the area around the museum you wander intuitively to and from seven key locations. On approaching these places you are surrounded by 3D soundscapes which transform the everyday environment on a surprising way.

The soundwalk invites you to watch to the city with your ears. It is not a regular walk, it is a (no)Tour. Nothing is what it appears to be. The walk will invite you to wander, to leave the usual paths, the area transforms through different soundscapes, depending on how and from where you are approaching.

The walking experience is a result of an educational art project with children in a cooperation between the Milena principle and and is a continuation of the exhibition at S.M.A.K. “Music Stands Still” by Jorge Macchi which deals as well in a special way with sound and transformation of everyday places. For the

In S.M.A.K. you can upload the walk on May 1st from 10 am to 18 pm. For visitors without a smart phone there are devices available in the museum. On May 3d the creators of this walk with GPS technology and 3D sound will explain their project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.



Grunewald Variations

ECCO, Espaço Cultural Contemporãneo, Brasilia Brazil. [Geert Vermeire - the Milena principle] 2011. Ministry of Education [Brazil], 'The Grunewald Variations', exhibition drawings by children of Theresienstadt and workshops with teenagers about contemporary art and holocaust, involving 200 schools.



Geist - Encontros da Imagem.

Braga, Portugal September 201.

Participation in Festival ' 2011 with 'Geist' - a the Milena principle project Monastery of Tibães. the Milena Academy in collaboration with Gare and - encontros da Imagem 2011.



How long is now?

Braga and Porto Portugal 2010.

During July 2010 the Milena principle stayed in Braga in Portugal in the Nogueira da Silva Museum. Installations were shown in the Biscainhos museum and also in da Silva. Stefaan van Biesen and Geert Vermeire did a performance. Lectures were held in the Serralves Foundation in Porto, Show me galery in Braga. A presentation of our new projects in MARCO, the museum of contemporary art in Vigo Spain. Meeting Stephanie Brandt of Spacepilots London UK and the soundartists of Spain.



Luggage carrier [ How long is now? ]

Berlin Germany 2006.

'Gepäckträger'. During the summer visit to Berlin the Milena were hosted by Brigitte Kalinowski at the Savignyplatz. During this visit several performances partly planned in advance took place and were photographed and filmed. ['We carry our paths (I)' ⋈ The Grunewald variations ⋈ performance]. Videostils from the performance ' Die Grünewald Variationen'. A seemingly endless thread made visible the path of a walker in the Grunewald forest in the vicinity of Berlin. It was a silent tribute to the deportees who left for an unknown and terrible place. A greeting, a gesture of commitment.



Calle dei Amici

Venice Italy 2005.

During the visit to the Biennale of Venice 2005, the Milena principle stayed in Casa Querini, an old renaissance building near the San Marco basilica. During this visit, several performances which had been planned in advance took place and were partly photographed and filmed. There was also an evening lecture on 'the bridge of encounters'. A nocturnal walk brought everybody together in the 'Calle dei Amici', a place which the Venetians call a magic place, a symbol of timeless friendship. Geert Vermeire brought a number of writing performances such as 'Bridge writer' on the Magdalena bridge, 'Writing in water' in the rising water of the Campo San Giorgio D. Greci and the northern Venetian channels of Cannaregio.



Mater (III)

H. Magdalenachurch Bruges Belgium 2008/2009.



Velha-a-Branca Art Festival

Braga Portugal 2009. Exhibition of drawings and performances in Europe by the Milena principle.



Friedrich Nietzsche Seminar

Osmannstedt Weimar Germany 2005.

Auf den Spuren Friedrich Nietzsches von Röcken bis Weimar. Eine Veranstaltung der Weimar-Jena Akademie in Zusammenarbeit mit Invitare vom 06.-09.10.05
“ Nietzsche als der Gekreuzigte . Leben und Werk als Überwindungsversuch des protestantischen Pfarrhauses“.
In reply to the invitation of Ingrid Pee from Kassel to participate in the Friedrich Nietzsche Seminar that was held on the museum domain Wielandgut, Osmannstedt in Weimar with professor Dr. Friedrich Voßkühler of the University of Darmstad and Dr. Frithjof Reinhardt, Weimar, Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen presented their 'philosophical path' to the participants of this seminar. Their artistic interventions were philosophical intermezzos.



the nervated skin

CC Ter Vesten, Beveren, Belgium 2005.




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